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In today’s competitive marketplace, lottery operators and distributors are constantly searching for new sales venues for their products. Consumers are increasingly opting for convenience: drive-thru sales are up and many people now pay their bills online. This trend is troublesome for lottery operators who rely on consumers to visit a lotto terminal in order to pay for tickets. Less and less people are walking into stores these days, and as a result, lottery sales are in jeopardy.

LocusPlay solves this problem by delivering an integrated suite of lottery applications directly onto consumer's mobile phones. This eliminates the need for consumers to visit a physical lottery terminal to buy a ticket, and expands the population of potential customers to everyone with a mobile phone. As a result, an entire new distribution line is available and opportunities for lottery sales are greatly increased.

LocusPlay also offers SMS betting, a convenient way to purchase lottery by sending a text message. This enables a new distribution channel in remote areas with limited network resources.

Mobile agents can take LocusPlay to the streets through the use of PDAs and Tablets. Agents offering the lottery via PDA or Tablet can access all of the system’s games, as well print transaction receipt, right from the mobile Bluetooth printer. Customers do not need to go anywhere to play or process their tickets and winnings.

LocusPlay also operates over the Internet, allowing customers to purchase tickets online. This gives them the convenience of playing their favorite games anywhere.

Finally, consumers can purchase lottery tickets the traditional way: at a physical lottery distribution site or lotto terminal at a store.

LocusPlay is designed to work on all of these platforms simultaneously, thereby giving lottery operators maximum exposure to potential customers through multiple distribution channels. Each of these platforms offers customers the same safety and security expected of the LocusPlay name.

Why LocusPlay?

LocusPlay platform runs entirely on secured enterprise cloud services and offers a wide range of services. We provide a back-office support system and custom-built CRM, helping lottery management handle games, risk, online players and agents. Real-time analytics allow for quick decision-making by lottery operators and increased fraud security; all transactions are processed using cash, leading local payment systems and cellular networks depending on the country.

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