Management Console

LocusPlay’s remotely-operated management console provides you with all of the tools necessary to manage your growing lottery business. It serves as your back-end operational hub on which the entire game strategy can be formulated and executed. The management console is subdivided into following major components:

Game Risk Management

Set game-wise, ball-wise, and number-wise limits to help manage your profits and losses as well maintain a sound risk management strategy.

Location Management

Tailor your lottery to offer multiple games to multiple locations with specific location strategies. This permits you to offer certain games at some locations, but not at others in order to maximize your potential profit. This also helps you to exercise control on sales limits for each location.

User Management

Set up multiple users within the system and assign rights and privileges for that user, based on the user subgroup. This allows you to define the game strategy and restrict access to certain parts of the system based on the specific user type. Commissions can also be set via the user management portion of the Management Console. Finally, new users can be added and existing users deactivated at any time.

Customer Management

Analyze customer groups to identify playing trends and reward customers for larger or more frequent bets. Set up the system to offer special, limited games to certain users who met a predetermined set of criteria. Set up reward or bonus points to encourage customers to place large bets or more frequent bets.

Draw Management

Effectively manage the entire life cycle of draw with real-time monitoring of sales and winnings. Support for various types of payout options like Perimutuel and Fixed-Odds.

Reports and Analytics

View detailed system reports and game analytics that will serve as valuable measuring tools to help you better manage your business.

LocusPlay’s management console gives lottery operators full control over the games they choose to offer to their customers. Our games are never hard-coded, giving you the option to customize any or all of the lottery games to meet your specific needs. Create new games to meet your growing customer base, or configure existing games as desired. All of this is possible through LocusPlay’s management console.

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