Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)

LocusPlay can also run as a mobile point of sale operation through the use of mobile agents. These agents carry mobile phones, handheld PDA terminals and Tablets running LocusPlay software and approach customers on the streets to place their bets. The mobile POS units perform nearly all of the functions of the retail POS. Customers can register, deposit and withdraw funds, play, and process winning tickets all from the convenience of the mobile lottery terminal. Transaction receipts can be printed out using a portable Bluetooth printer that the agents keep on hand, completely saving customers the hassle of having to go to a retail counter. No data is stored locally inside the terminal. Instead, the terminals are connected with the central LocusPlay system over GPRS/3G and all transactions are transmitted live. The transactions are secure, rapid, and hassle-free for both the customer and the mobile agent.

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