Online Lottery

LocusPlay consumers can play the lottery from the comfort of their own home by playing online at any time. Once registered in the LocusPlay system, they can deposit funds through the online payment gateway that allows for the funding of accounts via credit/debit card. Customers can set up a single online wallet to play lottery games from diverse channels like SMS, USSD, mobile app, web, etc. Or they can instead opt to set up multiple online wallets where they break up their funds in their preferred manner, yet retain the ability to transfer money from one wallet to another. The wallet system tends to drive overall business since players who win money in a game frequently reinvest that money in additional games.

Consumers will store their favorite bets for later use, as well as view comprehensive reports on analytics of their past playing history and transactions. Winning tickets are processed directly online and the proceeds can be used to fund future playing or withdrawn to the customer’s bank via the online banking system. Ticket voids, if necessary, can also be performed online. Customized SMS alerts can be set up to notify players of winning tickets, fund deposits, and fund withdrawals, keeping the customer aware of all activity on his account. Finally, consumers can earn special rewards on bets and funds deposits, making the online LocusPlay module an attractive option for players. Your customers will love LocusPlay online for its convenience and ease of use. Lottery operators will love it for its nonexistent distribution and pre-printed ticket costs, as well as its ability to open up a whole new distribution channel.

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