Why LocusPlay?

LocusPlay gives lottery operators and distributors the tools they need to better manage their business. Take a closer look at exactly what LocusPlay has to offer:

Maximize Profits

It's clear to see how you can rapidly increase your profits and your bottom line. LocusPlay allows you to eliminate the costs of pre-printed tickets by offering consumers e-tickets instead of paper tickets. This saves you money – and save the consumer the hassle of keeping track of a paper receipt. The software also eliminates all of the costs of bulky physical lottery terminals, substituting mobile terminals with zero distribution costs. Finally, since you are targeting an entirely new sales distribution channel by marketing to consumers with mobile phones, you have access to potential customers who previously did not visit stores with your physical lottery terminal. The result of all of these is an increase in profit!

Control at Your Fingertips

LocusPlay's user-friendly Management Console puts ultimate control at your fingertips. Dynamic game risk management means that you can set specific parameters to each of your lottery/borlette games to ensure complete control on your business. The Management Console provides you access to detailed reports and analytics to review the statistics of your lottery/borlette games. You can review betting trends, winning trends, customer groups, individual game analytics, transactions and bets. Best of all, the Management Console can be accessed remotely, so you can exercise total control over your business anytime, anywhere.

Safety & Security

Lottery operators must always be on the lookout for fraud. Some consumers, wanting to get rich quick, are constantly trying to invent clever new ways to beat the lottery and win money. This type of fraud is very expensive for lottery operators and damages the integrity of the lotto system as a whole. LocusPlay helps you protect your business investment and reduce dangerous frauds through the use of e-tickets and tamper-proof receipts that potential criminals cannot alter.

In addition, LocusPlay uses a safe and secure mechanism with encrypted financial transactions. This means that your consumers can rest assured that their financial information is being safeguarded and not at risk of being compromised.


Your customers want the freedom to play the lottery or borlette at their convenience, but not all of them want their personal activities known. Some people simply enjoy their privacy. LocusPlay is designed with your customers’ privacy in mind. The system allows consumers a range of options that lets them play from their home without having to divulge their true identity. The privacy they want, playing the games that they love – a perfect harmony.

Make Your Customers Happy!

Happy customers are repeat customers! They are also more likely to share their positive experiences with their friends, increasing your potential consumer base and your profits. It makes sense to keep your customers happy, and LocusPlay is the perfect solution. With LocusPlay, your customers don’t need to travel to a physical terminal at a store to buy a lottery ticket. They can simply place their bets and play the lotto right from their mobile phone, Tablet, via mobile agent, on the Internet or by sending a SMS. The process is quick and easy, and they receive rapid Email and SMS notifications regarding such transactions and notifying them if they are a winners. Customers can also view their past transaction history and analyze their betting history all from the comfort of their own Mobile Device or a PC. The whole experience is user-friendly and fast – your customers will thank you!

Take Charge Now!

Other lottery solutions force you to rely on outside vendors or customer service teams in order to make any changes to your system. LocusPlay puts all of the power of your lottery system directly in your hands. There is never a need to wait for someone else to make the customizations you desire. All of these changes can be made through LocusPlay’s cutting-edge Management Console tool. Best of all, the system is easy and convenient, eliminating the hassle and delay of traditional lottery systems.

Do it now and do it
yourself with LocusPlay!

The Mobile Advantage

Traditional lottery systems are cumbersome and inflexible. Customers must go into a store and purchase a ticket from a physical lottery terminal in order to play the lottery. This, by design, limits lottery players to only those who are willing and able to physically travel to a terminal. LocusPlay offers a significant mobile advantage over traditional lottery systems. Because,customers need only their Mobile Phones or Tablet to buy a ticket, they can play the lottery anytime, anywhere! No longer are they limited by weather, distance, store operating hours, and other inconveniences. Additionally, LocusPlay offers yet another advantage through the use of mobile agents who take the lottery to the streets and sell directly to your customers with PDAs or Tablets. With the combination of these two mobile solutions, the lottery is always at the tips of your consumer's fingers. And with the prevalence of cellular phones and other mobile technologies in today’s busy climate, the possibilities for profit with LocusPlay are endless.

All-in-One System

LocusPlay is more than just a platform for lotto delivery and management. It is a complete suite of applications that can deliver results for your business. Built on a solid technological platform and carefully designed to meet the specific needs of lottery operators and distributors, it offers everything you would want in software and more. It’s safe and secure. The software is robust. Best of all, LocusPlay is highly scalable to other types of betting style games. Choose from 100+ games from our portfolio or customize your own game with the help of our dynamic game engine. Offer a myriad of different opportunities to your players like Pick 3, Pick 4, Lotto, Jackpot etc.

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